Preparing-Your-Luxury-Home---Vintage-Valley-Southern-HighlandsFirst impressions make lasting impressions; therefore, it is important to properly stage your home to increase Buyer appeal and interest.

Portfolio Realty Group is committed to getting top-dollar for your home, so we have put together some helpful suggestions to give your home an edge over other listings in the area:

Curb Appeal

  • Cut lawns
  • Trim shrubs and trees
  • Weed and edge gardens
  • Remove Litter/Debris
  • Clear walkways & driveways of leaves
  • Touch up exterior paint
  • Paint front door


  • Apply a fresh coat of paint, or touch up the soiled areas.
  • Make sure the windows are sparkling clean.
  • Replace burnt-out light bulbs.
  • Have carpets/rugs professionally cleaned.
  • Clear the kitchen of small appliances.
  • Freshen the refrigerator with a box of baking soda.
  • Organize the refrigerator, pantry, cabinets, closets and garage. (This makes the area appear more spacious.)
  • Thoroughly clean the entire home.

Preparing for a ShowingPreparing-Your-Luxury-Home---Christopher-Collection-Southern-Highlands

To create a lasting impression, it is important that the potential Buyer feels “at home” when viewing your property. Here are some suggestions for showcasing your home in the best way possible while creating a pleasing atmosphere:

  • Turn on all the lights.
  • Open all the window coverings.
  • Have classical or instrumental music lightly playing.
  • Light a candle, and blow it out just before the showing. Try to avoid strong pet odors, tobacco and cooking oil or gas while your home is on the market.
  • Vacuum the floors.
  • If possible, be absent during showings.