When your home has finished all of its remodels and renovations, it’s time for it to go on the market! If your Summerlin luxury home is about ready to be put on display for the world to see (and buy), we hope you consider these tips and our services to get everything looking immaculate.

First Impression: Curb Appeal

Your roof is done, the siding is pristine, but what about the yard? Even the most beautiful of gardens out front will turn away potential buyers if the lawn isn’t cut. Make sure that your shrubs and trees are trimmed and that all extra debris and dirt is removed. If you have trees surrounding your yard, be sure that the leaves are swept off the pathways and driveways. Once everything has been touched up, the exterior of your home will be ready to go!

Inside Your Luxury Home

In order to ensure that the interior of your home is ready to go, be sure that all the walls have a fresh coat of paint. If this isn’t possible, do your best to touch up the soiled areas. Clean the windows thoroughly, as your newcomers will want to have a clear view! This is not the time to try to skip on costs, so be sure that you hire a professional rug and carpet cleaner if you have any carpet in your home. We understand you may still be living in your home, so check that all items in your pantry and refrigerator are well-organized, should anyone want to take a look.

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