Marketing Matters

When you think about selling your Henderson real estate, your first thought is probably not the marketing. Sure, you may want to update some parts of the home and list those new features and additions when you sell, but is that really marketing? The fact is homes that sell have good marketing. Homes that have great marketing often sell for more than they would have without the great marketing. This is where a listing agent comes in.

You likely used a real estate agent to buy your home. He or she helped you find the home, showed you the features you loved most about it, helped you make the offer, and closed the deal. Now that it’s time to sell your home to others looking at high-end Henderson real estate, be sure to find a listing agent who can meet your selling needs like the one who met your buying needs.

Real Estate Agents Who Understand

Let’s be honest—not all property is as luxurious as your current property is. This means you need professionals who not only understand the value of your home but also understand what it will take to get your home to sell for what it is truly worth. The professionals at Portfolio Realty Group understand the current market: what buyers are searching for, what the “must-haves” are, as well as the true value of a property like yours. Don’t make the mistake of skipping your number one marketing ally and losing tens of thousands of dollars. Call Portfolio Realty Group today to see how we can help you get what you deserve for your luxury Henderson real estate.